Life at Lendivo

culture: we believe that remarkable things can be achieved when you combine great people with great culture.

Our values

At the core of our culture lie four fundamental values that inspire us to become a little bit better every day in everything we do. We have no problem in passing over a great opportunity or in hiring a great person if they don't fit our culture. Being just good is not sufficient and we stay true to our core beliefs.


OK is not good enough. We go after delivering a superb service through innovation

Innovation is the reason for our existence. We are here today because we constantly try to improve

Whether it’s the application of AI to deliver split-second loan decisions or the introduction of a new product, we approach every task with an open mind.

Personal development

You can disrupt the status quo only if you push yourself for constant improvement

We want people in our dream team who possess a desire to be successful, who adapt to the changing environment and never stop learning.

Win-win mindset

There are no shortcuts on the way to success. We think long-term and act long-term

When faced with the opportunity, we would never trade long-term benefits for short-term gains. We are radical believers in creating long-lasting partnerships with our customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

We have a life-long commitment with everyone we touch.

Hard work

Devoted, enthusiastifc and determined are a few of the qualities that make us who we are as a company

Ambitious goals require hard work. Changes don’t happen overnight and usually nothing is perfect the first time. We want to work with people who will always push forward, persevere and overcome any challenge that might get in their way.

Lendivo People

Extraordinary team

Our extraordinary team of individuals puts their passion, dedication, and expertise into taking care of our customers.

Happy family

We make sure our office is a comfortable and inspiring place and consciously motivate our people to pursue a healthy work-life balance.

Be part of something great

Check out what the happy people at Lendivo have to say to you.

Lendivo offers an immersive and inspiring environment, which encourages our creativity, freedom of thought and excellence transmitted to all our clients and partners.

We choose to be better as professionals and as people with each passing day. We do it for our customers, colleagues and ourselves.

Joining the company was a new challenge for me and an opportunity to excel in my career. We solve all problems together, help each other and get better.

I love working at Lendivo because I receive understanding and trust. It makes me feel independent, through which I manage to contribute in the best possible way to the company.

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